Wholesalers Attention! What will you sell in spring?

Wholesalers Attention! What will you sell in spring?

Why it is important to prepare for spring?

As every year at this time, many plants that will be available for spring, especially in the case of Mediterranean plants, are already planted, in the process of rooting, and in many cases are ready to serve.

Having the plant provided and checked is the key to success!

The production conditions in the Netherlands this coming spring will be much lower than in other years, mainly due to high gas costs, which leads to many hectares can’t be put into production.

What repercussions this may have in the short and medium term? The specialized trade will have to look for other types of products for supplying their customers.

The best option is to order plants that until now have been considered only for the garden, such as the Mediterranean plant, which is also proving to be a trend this year.

Moreover, this kind of plant is already done!

There is still a lot of stock, but everybody wants to order for the same dates.


What can we do?

Book, and get in touch with the ornamental and Mediterranean plant producers. It is a good time to visit the growers and book plants that are in high demand. This is the time to do it.

In GreenKonnect we organize visits to nurseries, for booking plants for spring. Producers of olive trees, palms, flowering shrubs, and climbers



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