What to plant by 2023? Plant trends

What to plant by 2023? Plant trends

Have you thought about what’s new for 2023 and need guidance on plant production to get your planting right?

Don’t you know which plant to grow and you don’t want to have too many plants left over for the season? Read these expected plant trends for 2023, and make no mistake.

At GreenKonnect we have studied the market and its trends to give you advice on what to grow and help you get it right for sure.

Table of contents:
• Opuntia Titania
• Ficus y Zamioculca
• Hedera Helix
• Nerium oleander
• Trachelospermum Jasminoide
• Strelitzia Reginae
• Hydrangea macrophylla
• Lavandula Stoechas
• Phyllostachys Aurea, bamboo
• Wisteria Sinensis
• Rosmarinus Officinalis y Postratus
• Hydrangea Macrophylla
• Bouganvillea Sanderiana
• Ágave spp

A plant that is on-trend and will continue to be in the following seasons.
It is an easy-to-take-care-of plant that withstands cold and warm temperatures indoors and outdoors. And most importantly, it has no spikes.

There is nothing more common in gardens than a Hedera Helix, and it doesn’t go out of fashion, because it fills spaces with green, but does not overwhelm with its colors and creates a great “tapestry”, the reason why we will continue to find it in many of the gardens we will see.

The best example of a Mediterranean plant is a plant that never goes out of fashion in gardens to give them the Mediterranean and floral touch. Its variety of flowers allows it to adapt to many forms and compositions.

A climber that stands out for its color changes and is becoming increasingly popular. The flower produces light green shoots that, in the spring and summer season, produce bunches of white flowers with 5 petals. It is very resistant to cold and has a characteristic smell ideal for decorating every garden.

STRELITZIA REGINAE or Bird-of-Paradise:

Liked for its versatility as a cut or planted flower, the demand will increase for this specimen. Ready to produce it? This plant is perfect for not worrying about the time spent in the nursery as it is fast-growing if protected under glass.

We are going to reveal something, gardens are becoming less and less floral and more Mediterranean green-leaved. But even so, we still want to find flowers in all gardens. Hydrangea macrophylla is perfect for this, because of its small grouped flowers, it can be placed in small corners as well as in large spaces, and it will certainly be in great demand this season!

An aromatic plant, with the characteristics we mentioned before(?): To give a touch of color to your garden, but without taking away from the green. In addition, it attracts butterflies.

BAMBOO (Phyllostachys Aurea)
Incredible how famous the bamboo has become for its height and its great property of not allowing weeds to grow in its proximity. Excitingly, the phyllostachys aurea is a different variety that has not been seen before. It has different subvarieties that can possess very different growth habits.

Having the touch of color and scent that we are looking for, this easy-to-take-care-of plant is becoming more and more trendy. It beautifully surrounds any garden and gives the look of dropping flowers.

Like all cacti and succulents, a sure hit. It needs little care and creates a visual highlight in the garden. Ideal for the trend we are following: low-yield gardens.

BOUGANVILLE (Bouganvillea sanderiana)
A climber for those who prefer more flowering gardens, especially for those who have large ones and want a touch of color to escape from all the green that is in fashion this season.

ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus Officinalis and Postratus).
There is nothing better than entering a garden and enjoying the smell of it. That’s why studies point to rosemary as a plant that will increase your sales in very high percentages. If it is not clear, all aromatic plants, with strong green, and some with flowers, aim to produce.

Do you think one more plant will be a trend? Tell us about it!
At GreenKonnect we value especially the vision of our customers, they are the ones who help us be better.

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