Red, Pink and White. The Essence

Red, Pink and White. The Essence

These could well be the colours of this season. 
The brand colours of a company. 
The colours of your football team’s luggage.

But they are not.
They are the colours of the Mediterranean. They are the colours that Nerium Oleander brings us in spring and summer.

And that is what we transmit the essence of the Mediterranean, the values of a culture, of a privileged place.

The constant sun, the good temperature, the fresh white wine, a good paella next to the beach while the breeze and the saltpetre impregnate you with life.

Life is about doing in order to have. This is the path we must follow every day.

Valencia produces the best Neriums Oleander in Europe. The unique climatic conditions of our region allow it every year. It is our hallmark. 

The producers of this Mediterranean region are the great “craftsmen” with long experience in reproducing a symbol of our native flora.

This is what we want at GreenKonnect, that the essence of the Mediterranean, of the land of colours, can reach your shops.

A team dedicated to giving its best so that every time you want, you can have the best of the Mediterranean essence.

A platform dedicated to provide in a simple, agile, well communicated and accessible way everything that is produced not only in Valencia, but throughout Spain. 

We invite you to get to know our platform, our people, our values, to participate in our life and to allow us to share it with you.

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